Life Science Software Services

Optimize software with risk mitigation and customisations to make it user-friendly and stay ahead in competetion

Life Science Software Services

Highest quality, information security and “no room for error” rule have always been major characteristics of life sciences, healthcare and pharmaceuticals industries. Use of automation software spurs technology breakthrough and facilitates the work of scientists, healthcare practitioners and drug discovery professionals, however, it adds on to already existing risks.

Moreover, if a software vendor wants to stay ahead of the competition, it should be able to customize its product to the highest possible extent. End-users expect to obtain a solution that would speak up 100 % to their needs. Fail to do this – and your customer will choose another provider.

Having profound experience in pharmaceutical business process outsourcing, CPC data systems understands their needs and challenges and is ready to suggest the most optimal solution.

Our Services

Software product outsourcing and customization

Integration with 3rd party applications


Software Deployment

Migration and Upgrade

Software translation and localization

You need to partner with us in case you want to:

  • Speed up product time-to-market
  • Optimize support & maintenance costs
  • Extend time zones coverage
  • Gain up to 30 % more customers because of higher flexibility in terms of product customization
  • Stay ahead of your competitors
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